Dorchar Aile

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About us:

Since 2008 are we running a small family business that is specialized in dog sledding and many other, mainly outdoor-based-activities.

Dorchar Aile is Gaelic and means "mystic Trail"

It symbolizes the mystical places and legendary paths on which we drive with our Polardogs.      


Our Sleddogcenter,surrounded by the atlantic ocean on historic Swordle Bay. The name `Swordle` is of norse origin, ´suardail´perhaps derived from the words ´sward, meaning grassy land, and ´dahl´-field. In 2011 the Ardnamurchan Transitions Project archaeologists found a complete Viking boat burial, and its presence is taken to mean there was a Viking settlement at Swordle.


 We operate here in Scotland the whole year round different Sleddogtours and exciting Outdooractivities.

During wintertime we offer also sleddogtours as well as other mainly outdoor-based acitivities on our camp in the Swedish-Norwegian Finnskogen.

Our Dogs are of different types of arctic breed,like Huskys,Greenlanddogs,Alaskan Malamutes etc.
All our Polardogs are specialized and trained for different types of tours.

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Since many years are we living a sustainable life in the middle of the forest. Environmental-friendly and eco-based for us not only words, living our life based on these ethnologies.

We have always been interested in outdoor-based activities. During the years we have been out for several exciting tours. Such as climbing at Ben Nevis, travelling different Fjord Regions in Norway by foot with a tent. Different survival trips throughout scotland and north-sweden. Lived some months with the Sami (ancient reindeer-herders of the polarregion) in swedish-lappland. Operated guiding tours through the black-forest in Germany. Our dogs are keen in working. Most of our pack took part in the most spectacular and toughest dogsledding races in the world. Such as: Finnmaksløpet, Femundsløpet, Iditarod etc. Some of them in winner-teams. Nevertheless are these wonderful animals not our "working-equipment" but our very own friends and beloved family members.

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We coordinate all our tours on a distinctive way for you and with you.It´s also possible to do short trips up to few day-tours. Check our tour-site.