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Quick run

Join us for a quick run.

Have you ever wished to drive in a dogsled or dog-cart? But never had the possibility? Here you are. We give you the chance to sit in a special designed dog-cart or wrapped in a warm sledbag in the sled (during snow) and enjoy the incredible landscape passing by. One of the most ancient ways of transport. Feel the power of these wonderful dogs when they pull the cart/sled nearly effortlessly through the snow or on the terrain. It is ideal for you as a first-time experience, or the whole family (even the smallest ones).

Distance: 12 km

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Sleddog- Short Trip

Join us on a short-trip with our special dog-cart or on the sled.

Enjoy the power of these wonderful dogs whilst sitting on a dog-cart or on the sled, and get a kick out of the breathtaking surrounding and landscape around. Passing ancient places and hidden gems, just lean back and be part of this unforgettable experience. After a short break with bisquits and drinks we are heading back to the main camp.

Distance: 20 km

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Distant run

Join us on a complete day trip.

You join us in the early morning. We introduce you to our polardog pack and tell you everything you need and want to know about the different polar breeds, sledding, tours and the adventurous life in scandinavia. Then together we prepare the dogs for the long run. You will get a very professional and acknowledged introduction into the Mushing-world. After watering the dogs we hook off for a day trip. Depending on the weather and the dogs we take one or two breaks, watering the dogs, treat us self with sandwiches and drinks you have the unique possibility to enjoy the landscape by dog-cart, before we heading back to the camp in the evening. Where you get served a delicious meal in the Lavvu (traditional tent of the Sami-reindeerherders) or taste different sorts of food at the BBQ.

Distance: 30 km

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Two-day trip

Join us on a two-day tour with the dogs

This two day trip gives you the chance to dive deeper into the world of dog-sledding and mushing.The first day is mainly camp-based where you learn everything you need to drive your own dog-cart or the sled. It is up to you to decide whether you feel more comfortable to sit in the cart/sled and let the experienced Musher guide you and the team through the wilderness. Or if you feel safe enough to guide and drive your own team.Passing extraordinary places and enjoy a breathtaking view across the region from a far distant point. Discover hidden tracks and uninhabitant regions. Including two evening meals, two lunch and drinks.

Duration time: two days

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One-week tour

Join us on a one week dog-cart or dogsled tour

Enjoy the beauty of the nature whilst sitting on a sled or drive your very own dog-team. The first day you spent on the base-camp learning all the skills needed for the great adventure. Meet the dogpack and get familiar with all of our furried friends. Day two we are heading off for the first two-day tour. Staying in a remote cottage we spent the night in front of the roaring open-fire place. Pampered and pleased you feel a deep and fullfilling happiness far away from the hustle and bustle of your every-day life. Day four you have time to explore the region and do what ever you want to do. Or time to relax. For further informations about what the regions offer do not hesitate, we help you with everything. Day five we are heading off for the second two-day trip. Day 7 spent the last day with the dogs, relax in the "Badtunna" (Special scandinavian wooden Hot tub) or join us to feed the dogs, clean the dogyards or be part of the mushers daily-routine. During the week we´ll provide two daily meals (breakfast and evening meals) and lunch during daytime as well as a daily snacks. Free non-alcoholic drinks, and accomodation.

Duration time: One week

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Enjoy the power of the sleddogs

A whole year round experience for old and young. You are connected to the dog you choose with a special waist belt. Feel his power when he helps you wilst walking through the breathtaking nature by pulling. We operate this special hiking-tours on the best locations in norway, sweden and scotland. We can meet you up on your place where you want to join a walk or meet us on the base-camp and explore the surrounding. Watering the dogs during a short break whilst you enjoy a snack and drinks. You can choose between a short hike or a long-distance hike.

Duration time: Short: 3 hrs; Long: 6 hrs

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All tours are available on a personalized and individual base. For us our clients are on main focus and therefore is it important to us to fullfill your needs and wishes the best way we can. All of our tours operated by a professional tour-guide. If you wish to book us and the dogs for birthday-parties, wedding events, special dog-days, large groups or other activities do not hesitate to contact us.

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For other activites such as moose-safaries (norway and sweden only), guided outdoor-tours etc please contact us.

 We have no age limit. The whole family is welcome. All of our dogs are child-friendly and grew up with children of different age. Everyone can enjoy our love and passion for the dogs. Unless you are 9 month or 99 years :-)




Quick run

£  50 per Person (500 kr)

up to two Person per run

Sleddog Short-trip

£  170 per Person (1700 kr)

up to five Persons

Distant run

£  220 per Person (2200 kr)

up to five Persons

Two-day trip

£  400 per Person (4000 kr)

up to five Persons

One week-tour

£  1300 per Person (13000 kr)

up to five Persons

Husky Hiking

£  50 per Person (500 kr) (3 hr Hike);

£ 100 per Person (1000 kr) (6 hr Hike)

up to eight Persons